How To Prevent The Most Common Basketball Shooting Bad Habit

October 28, 2019

How To Prevent The Most Common Basketball Shooting Bad Habit

This bad shooting habit can quietly wreck your shooting percentage.

Basketball season is in full swing which means many student athletes are balancing school, basketball games, and homework all at once resulting in less practice time. Because players may not have time for shooting practice, it's imperative to be aware of bad shooting habits and take steps to prevent them from creeping into your shot throughout the season.

Let's take a look at the most common bad shooting habit that cause shooting percentages to plummet.

Guide Hand Interference

Bad habits are created the 1st time a player shoots because they don’t know how to shoot. Over time the habits become worse and get ingrained in the players basketball DNA. Guide hand interference is the #1 cause for a low shooting percentage.

Guide hand interference causes the ball to rotate at an tilted angle that doesn't align with the center of the basketball. As the ball travels in flight, the spin causes the ball path to drift and be less predictable.

Here at ShotDoctor, we prefer you to have more predictability when shooting the basketball. The ShotDoctor smartwatch app installs on the iWatch and makes it easy track your guide-hand to ensure it isn't interfering with your shot.

Let's cover some training tips to use along side the ShotDoctor app to reduce guide hand interference when shooting the basketball.

1. Practice without a ball and visualize

Once you notice guide hand interference affecting your shot, the first step is to get some phantom shots up so you can visualize what your guide hand should be doing.

The Rhythm Shooting Drill within the ShotDoctor app works perfectly for practicing without a ball. The Rhythm Shooting Drill offers a timed sport specific exercise used to gain proper shooting rhythm and mechanics.

2. Practice shooting in a chair close to the basket

Practicing your basketball shot from a chair is a great way to isolate the upper half of your body which improves your focus on guide hand placement and movement.

Set the chair 4-6 feet from the basket and sit upright with your legs comfortable in-front of you.

The Form Shooting Drill on the ShotDoctor app will help you track your guide hand and shooting form.

2. Track your training stats using the ShotDoctor app

You can't improve what you don't measure. That is why it's so important to complete your drills regularly and track your performance. This is how good shooters become great.

The ShotDoctor app (available on iOS) makes it easy to complete shooting drills and track your shooting training results over time. With three difficulty levels (Rookie, Collegiate, & Pro), you can perform drills over time and as your form improves, you can increase the difficulty rating. We recommend hitting 80% form before moving up to the next difficulty level.

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