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The 1st Basketball App to Eliminate Guide Hand Interference!

A Personal Basketball Coach on Your Wrist!

App Features

  • 3 Levels: Rookie, Collegiate & Pro

  • Form Shooting Drill: Used to master proper shooting form 4-6ft from target.

  • Range Shooting Drill: Used to increase your shooting range with proper form.

  • Rhythm Shooting Drill: Timed sport specific exercise. Used to gain proper shooting rhythm and mechanics.

  • IMMEDIATE Feedback: ShotDoctor App vibrates and rings after every shot if used correctly.

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Live stats are collected and stored for each drill in your personal profile!


“Bad habits are created the 1st time a player shoots because they don’t know how to shoot. Over time the habits become worse and get ingrained in the players basketball DNA. Guide hand interference is the #1 cause for a low shooting %. The ShotDoctor app is the solution to this problem.”

- Wesley Horne, Creator

Former NBA Coach and Statistical Analyst