A Professional Basketball Coach on your wrist

The ShotDoctor Wearable app eliminates interference from the
Non-Shooting Hand

introducing  The SHOTDoctor Shooting APP

Created by a former NBA shooting instructor, the ShotDoctor is a basketball shooting app that connects to your smartwatch to eliminate bad habits and create proper mechanics for the
Non-Shooting Hand.
Track, analyze, and improve your shooting percentage.

Shooting drills designed to improve your shooting %

Form Shooting Drill

Used to master proper shooting form 4-6ft from target.

Range Shooting Drill

Used to increase your shooting range with proper form.

RHYTHM Shooting Drill

Timed sport specific exercise. Used to gain proper shooting rhythm and mechanics.

Complete drills, track stats, become a better shooter

Ready To Improve Your Jumpshot?

Download the ShotDoctor App today! Apple Watch needed.